Anonymous sent: Have you ever thought about publishing your own art book? I'd buy it instantly //blushblushblush * v *

yes…i thought about it…but i need a moneys to make an Artbook…haha^^;;

my fav abyssal fleet charcater :D
i forgot her name…hmmmmm….
must draw this guy!! \(o w o   )/ <333
black hair with megane…thats my type..hehee xD
she suppose to be Loli… :v
welp..never mind then…_(:3_
sketch KISSME!!!!X////DDDD
ngehehhe <33

Cake gif. Fin.
animebabys sent: Do you have any advice on drawing guys? I have really bad time trying to draw them as i can only draw girls really but am practicing so do you have any tips?

i don’t have any advice…im same  like u….only draw girls…OTL

i draw male sucks….