yey Ackerman!!\^u^/
and im still lazy to finish it …_(=w=_
practice colouring :D
this is Molly..belong to my fav Idol…hehehe
Commission Erebun senpai :D
ahh~~ its been a while i didn’t draw her :3
Anonymous sent: Stupid question: are you a girl or a guy? SorrI'm curious >.<

u have to guess…. (I) w (I)

Anonymous sent: do you read shingeki no kyojin chapter 0? it's not before the fall

yea..i read it…. 

well…not bad…but Isayama sensei already improve right! 8D


here anon&#8230;
and hope u like it&#8230;.*goes to the corner and cries*
Rico and Ian_Shingeki no Kyojin
art by me
aichara sent: ohmy lol. oh, by chance did u open a booth or something?

my friend open it(Yukkuri Booth)…so all my arts i give to her  sell it for me o,o/

aichara sent: can i ask u something, did u go to CF14 last year?

last year??

last year is CF13 dear Aichara xD

last year i go. CF.. ouo/