forgot to put the final here…ouo
art by me
inspired song By Una-Lonely Flower.. art by me
its been awhile i didn’t use pen & paper to draw…
kinda ugly.._(:’3_ sob
Anonymous sent: Have you ever thought of making a manga? Because, honestly, with your amazing artwork and amazing ideas (I'm just assuming they're amazing) I think it would be a really good manga

i could if i want it too….

don’t have an idea to make it one…

doodle ..
sob..what a sad scene ;-;
malay drama
translate it : “Miss You 200%”
really interesting to watch…owo <33
don’t know have english sub or not…
my oc~~\(  owo)/
i love Green~~
Sketch Kurosaki Ichigo…thougt wanna draw Ishida beside ichigo…but naahhhh…_(:3_
orihime so cute in chapter 589 :3 
can’t hold myself to draw her new outfit..
thank you Kubo sensei~ <33
a gift for my friend at FB… 
trying realistic painting…hmmm _(qwq_