brandygals sent: Just showing the viewers a drawing and a visual image on how it would look is because if the forum gets enough views and feedback, Riot (the game company) would take a look at the forum and read it. But I completely understand if you can't do it because you're probably busy.

sorry late reply…im not very active see inbox in tumblr…im only active post arts only and then run away…xD

is not like i can’t do it…

i only can’t do it for Free art… (  /w\)

Sketch Kurosaki Ichigo…thougt wanna draw Ishida beside ichigo…but naahhhh…_(:3_
orihime so cute in chapter 589 :3 
can’t hold myself to draw her new outfit..
thank you Kubo sensei~ <33
a gift for my friend at FB… 
trying realistic painting…hmmm _(qwq_
Anonymous sent: Is it okay that I call you Ochi-sensei? ^^

just call me Ochi….TvT  im not suit to be call “Sensei”…..OTL

kokoro-beat sent: Ori who is that guy you drew with the mask on?

Kaneki from manga Tokyo Ghoul…

Doodle Kuchiki Rukia genderbend \owo/ or should call “Lukia” or “Luk-kun xD
waiting Orihime  to come along~~o,o/
Kuroo Tetsurou from anime Haikyuu
still wip…
Anonymous sent: Okay this took a lot to come our of my shell because I'm really shy, but I really really really love your love your artwork >.< I'm sorry I'm sorry!

awwww…thank you anon…im glad u love my work…^u^-hug-