Sketch Kurosaki Ichigo…thougt wanna draw Ishida beside ichigo…but naahhhh…_(:3_
orihime so cute in chapter 589 :3 
can’t hold myself to draw her new outfit..
thank you Kubo sensei~ <33
a gift for my friend at FB… 
trying realistic painting…hmmm _(qwq_
Anonymous sent: Is it okay that I call you Ochi-sensei? ^^

just call me Ochi….TvT  im not suit to be call “Sensei”…..OTL

kokoro-beat sent: Ori who is that guy you drew with the mask on?

Kaneki from manga Tokyo Ghoul…

Doodle Kuchiki Rukia genderbend \owo/ or should call “Lukia” or “Luk-kun xD
waiting Orihime  to come along~~o,o/
Kuroo Tetsurou from anime Haikyuu
still wip…
Anonymous sent: Okay this took a lot to come our of my shell because I'm really shy, but I really really really love your love your artwork >.< I'm sorry I'm sorry!

awwww…thank you anon…im glad u love my work…^u^-hug-

My first Tokyo Ghoul Fanart~
im so excited!
can&#8217;t wait to watch this!!!&gt;///,///&lt;
Such Gore!!Such WOW!!!\(@W@)/
yea&#8230;i love this kind of anime/manga&#8230;.