Sasori!!! <333
can’t remember when was the last time i draw him…
Anonymous sent: What's your instagram?? o w o)b I love your art~ I'm such a huge fan!!!

my Instagram is “khaizu_san”  owo

t-thank you ////w////

markky-mark sent: When the heart just screams "YAAASSS" there's just no stopping it. Koi x Dog OTP DX


Oh you~~

markky-mark sent: Koi x Dog is my new ship! DX

well that was fast! XD


shounen-terrorist sent: Sorry to bother you, but I love your drawings very much and I want to ask you that may I repost your awesome art to my SnK fanpage on facebook? I'll give the credit to you and linking to your blog, of course. (^ ^)

sorry late reply…and yes…of course..

if u put credit..thats fine to me.. :D

Anonymous sent: hello there. are you malaysian? :) just curious malaysian..

Anonymous sent: Have you ever thought about publishing your own art book? I'd buy it instantly //blushblushblush * v *

yes…i thought about it…but i need a moneys to make an Artbook…haha^^;;

my fav abyssal fleet charcater :D
i forgot her name…hmmmmm….
must draw this guy!! \(o w o   )/ <333
black hair with megane…thats my type..hehee xD